Stria is committed to forging meaningful and enduring relationships with the James Bay Cree Nation (Eeyouch), and to exceeding industry’s environmental, social and governance standards. Under the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, there are three categories of land in Eeyou Istchee, the traditional territory of the Cree Nation of northern Quebec: Category I lands are for the exclusive use and administration by the Cree Nation; Category II lands are areas in which the Cree Nation has exclusive hunting, fishing, and trapping rights, but no special occupancy rights; and Category III are those lands shared by Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Stria’s Pontax property is located on the latter Category III lands, and the company is committed to engaging with the Cree Nation openly and respectfully as neighbors and collaborators in an exciting project with the potential to create lasting jobs and prosperity for Eeyou Istchee and its people.

Sara Loft

Sara Loft, MPA, B.A.

Special Advisor, Indigenous Relations

Sara Loft is the Founder of Tawi:ne Consulting, an Indigenous-owned and operated company specializing in Indigenous engagement and consultation, project management, policy/governance and capacity development. She brings to Stria extensive experience in Indigenous relations, including in her former role as Special Advisor to the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations. Her firm’s involvement in and understanding of Indigenous community complexities, culture, traditions, and protocol makes Tawi:ne Consulting Inc. an invaluable resource for advice and guidance to Stria Lithium.

Ms. Loft has an in-depth knowledge of Indigenous issues on a local and national level from her work with government and the private sector, specializing in Indigenous engagement, consultation and partnerships. Coupled with her education and experience, she has proven results and expertise in the areas of resource development, renewable energy, First Nation economic development, management and administration consulting services, First Nation and Métis engagement and negotiation on a national level, project management, federal procurement, and regulatory overview.

Through her work with the Office of Social Innovation at Queen’s University, Ms. Loft has contributed to the design of programs aimed at Indigenous business education leveraging shared values by emphasizing corporate-community responsibility, and the promotion of community development. Social responsibility has been important throughout her career, including contributing to community initiatives assisting with community youth education programs, Indigenous community events aimed at health and wellness, and volunteering with Indigenous urban programs. Sara has a Master of Public Administration degree from Queen’s University, a Bachelors from Toronto Metropolitan University, and a certificate in Negotiations and Dispute Resolution from the University of Windsor. Ms. Loft is from the Mohawk Nation, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, ON.